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Schenker Watermaker
The history
Established in 1998 Schenker is a leading manufacturer of high quality watermakers based on an energy recovery system. The company owns 3 patents and has a long history of investing in research and development, focused to provide to the customers the best technical solutions. Today as well as tomorrow.
The mission
Provide an high quality and innovative product, that satisfies all the customers needs. Offer to the customers not only a quality product, but even an excellent service, every day. Provide eco-sustainable, simple and reliable solutions for making water.
The heart of innovation
Schenker watermakers, as an alternative to the high pressure pumps of traditional systems, make use of a new patented device (Energy Recovery System) that amplifies the pressure supplied by the low pressure pumps, recovers most part of the spent energy, thus enabling very high energy efficiency. The consumed energy is up to 80% lower than traditional systems.
Titan Marine Air
Titan Marine Air provides sales and service for Schenker Watermakers in the US, as well as Sint Maarten in the Caribbean and Palma - Mallorca. Our technicians are factory trained and we believe in investing in training for our employees, and strive to maintain the highest standard of workmanship and customer service.

We have service locations in Fort Lauderdale, Sint Maarten and Palma, and also offer services across the Caribbean, Mediterranean and the United States. Having new equipment and replacement parts on hand is a key feature in getting our customers up and running as soon as possible, with limited down time! For this reason we are very well stocked with replacement parts, and we have established a solid network of logistics for the expedited movement of parts and equipment between the factory and service locations. Parts and equipment can be shipped world wide ,and we can assist with international customs clearance procedures.

We have technical assistance in all three locations and specialize only in our field of expertise.



Quite, small, light efficient, inexpensive.
Can be installed in all positions, horizontal as well as vertical.


Light and affordable, it is the ideal solution for those who prefer a simple and essential system.

Range: 30-60-80-100 lit/h


Very compact units. The wide output range is able to satisfy all needs.

Range: 35-60-100-150-230-300 lit/h


All components, including feed pumps, are included in the frame.

Range: 35-60 lit/h


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St. Maarten
Email: info@titanmarineair.com
Phone: 1 (721) 550-2853

South Florida
Email: info@titanmarineair.com
Phone: 1 (954) 406-3015

Palma de Mallorca
Email: palma@titanmarineair.com
Phone: +34 871 532 456

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